Through nineteen  years of unremitting efforts, we have managed to create a legend in the Chinese telecommunication market. 
      Facing more opportunities and favorable strategies, we are actively preparing to become one of the top township companies in China.
      The Chinese telecommunication industry emerged during the 90s, when some of the most well-known companies were founded. Boway was on this list. Company headquarters are located in Shenzhen, which is famous in China as the city of mobile phones and design. Boway has obtained 61 national mobile phone related patents ever since it was established, Boway also has a brilliant and profitable history filled with the prestigious prizes and honors. 

       In 2000, Boway became the nation’s top seller within China pager market. In 2002, Boway decided to enter the mobile phone market in response to the increasing demands of the telecommunication industry in China. Great development in mobile production was happened in the following years.. Boway is able to introduce a wide variety of innovative new products. In 2006, Boway was granted a Mobile Phone Production License by the National Development and Reform Commission. The same year Boway was also honored as one of the “High-Tech Enterprises in Shenzhen” by the city government. In 2008, Boway recruited Mr. Hu Jun - one of the most famous movie stars in China – to be the spokesman for Boway mobile phones. In 2009, Boway was honored as being amongst the “Top Ten Influential Brands” and as the “Most Competitive Brand”. Also in 2009, Boway established its strategic goal to be one of the top Chinese township companies.  We have been marching towards our goal ever since - and we have already achieved some great successes. In 2011, Boway  became one of the top 7 mobile manufacturers in China. The company was also awarded a valuable prize, namely: “Qualified Products in National Quality Inspection”.
       In 2012, Boway won six more awards, including: “Chinese Famous Brand”, “Chinese Quality Product”, “AAA Brand of Quality, Service and Credit” ,“Top 10 Brands of National Quality Notary”, “Qualified Products in National Quality Inspection”,and “Top Qualified Products in National Quality Inspection”.
      In 2013, Boway mobile phone has continued to make great new achievements by becoming one of “China’s Trustworthy Brands”(granted on World Consumer Rights Day). This has shown, yet again, the unanimous approval that the company has received from both the industry and consumers.

       Until now, Boway has successfully proved itself as a first-class mobile phone company in China. It is well-known because of its long history, available funds, clear market outlook and product strategy, broad sales channels, reliable quality, as well as its efficient and guaranteed services.
       Boway provides its customers with multiple choices. Customers can select practical series which feature an attractive design, resonable price and stable function. As a more advanced option, customers can choose smartphone series which are more fashionable. They feature a colorful appearance, and more advanced functions. Boway is  making every effort to create a unique competitive advantage associated with the motto: “Boway quality, rock solid”. This strategy is based on the needs of the rural market. Boway provides our customers with 8 good reasons to trust our products. They are: 1) solid company background; 2) good reputation; 3) strong signal reception; 4) extended stand-by time; 5) fine craftsmanship; 6) excellent quality; 7) reliable guaranteed service; and 8) fast service.  
       Boway’s success has been the result of positive leadership from our CEO, Mr. Zhou Qi. After gaining his master’s degree in chip design at Imperial College London (one of the top science and technology institutes in the world), he is able to form an R&D team which consisted of well-educated and intelligent people. This team later on proved invaluable contributions to the company’s successes.
       Boway is supported by a brilliant R&D group which consists of 200 engineers. All of them have bachelor’s degrees, and 40% got a master’s degree. Furthermore, some of these engineers earned their degrees at top engineering institutes in Europe. Boway has kept a close relationship with many international telecommunication companies and signed strategic technology agreements with them. The company invests more than 70 million RMB in equipment maintenance and project improvements every year.
       Our mobile production facility covers an area of 30,000 square meters. It is equipped with 12 high-standard and high-speed production lines, 3 maintenance lines, and 1 trial line for the new products.
       Boway has established strict control and management systems that cover all of the processes (production planning, materials procurement, human resource management, quality control, etc.). Our first-test pass rate of products is 99.3%. The pass rate of our packed products is 100%. These management systems are helpful in quality control of all products.
      Boway continues to promote the branding of its products. In 2008, we recruited the actor Mr. Hu Jun to be our spokesman. We also have continued to advertise our brand in a systematic way and to improve our corporate CI recognition system. Boway products are alsoavailable on various network publicity channels.
       The Boway I Series smart phone products have introduced innovative new technologies to help create a top model featuring a top configuration. With its practical and lasting performance, Boway U Series smart phone products remain the leading models in the practical smart phone market. Boway V series smart phone products have become a legend in fashion with their sleek and slim appearance. At the same time, Boway keeps on developing practical and functional phones. In 2013, we  launched our TD series of products alongside our strong momentum to help and quickly seize the 3G terminal market. In 2014, we  launches the TL series with comparable strength in the mobile 4G terminal market.
       A great hawk is lifting its wings to fly up. This is Boway - a top telecommunication corporation with nineteen  years of glorious history. Boway is a far-sighted, ambitious and ever-growing company. Boway, No. 1 township mobile phone brand in China! BOWAY Phones!